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Bodycam video makes investigators question arresting officer

New bodycam video has emerged showing a controversial arrest that left a traffic suspect who fought with police with a broken leg. Chris Bellew, 21, was pulled over on suspicion of 'multiple traffic violations' on November 9 in Pasadena, California, and was injured in a subsequent fight with cops. The City of Pasadena responded by releasing six police bodycam and dashcam videos of the incident on Friday. The incident began when cops pulled Bellew over because his car was missing a license plate and had illegally tinted windows, police say. The video shows the patrol car pull up behind Bellew's vehicle at a gas station as he walks away from the vehicle. An officer escorts him back to the vehicle as he denies that he was driving, to which the cops respond that they saw him get out of the car. Bellew struggles with one officer as the other tells him 'Stop acting like a dummy dude'. Bellew continues to resist as the officers tell him to give them his hands. The cops wrestle him to the ground as he repeatedly shouts 'where is your commanding officer.

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