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Teen Remains in Custody for Planning a Shooting

The South Pasadena High School were a little shaken when they discovered that two of their own students were planning a mass school shooting. The two were arrested on August 15 for allegedly planning a school shooting based on three or four days of online surveillance. Police told reporters that the two teens were plotting a school massacre and wanted to kill at least three students and as many other people as possible. It was frightening for the staff at the South Pasadena High School to discover their own students that they take care of and teach everyday wanting to commit such a heinous crime at their school. The Pasadena Juvenile Court judge denied a motion to release one of the teens from custody and he will return to juvenile court on September 8. The two boy’s names were not released to the press since they are minors. Police are reminding residents that they need to be aware of their children and people around them who show signs of behavior such as this.

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