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Pasadena Man With Knife Detained

Earlier this week in Pasadena, a man with a knife entered a Carl’s Jr. and proceeded to call the police informing them that he has a weapon on him. When the police arrived at the scene, they confronted the man, but the man couldn’t stand still and was acting strange as the police approached him. Officials said they tried talking to the man to calm him down, but nothing seemed to be working. The Police called paramedics to the scene because the man seemed like he was under the influence of something and needed help. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, the police at the scene were finally able to detain the man and get him on the gurney so that the paramedics could take him to the hospital. However, the next morning, the man was pronounced dead and the cause of his death is still under investigation. It is unclear as to what happened with the man prior to the incident and the suspect’s identity will not be disclosed until the investigation is closed. Police are asking the public for any information that they may have regarding this incident.

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