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Pasadena Bail Bonds FAQs


What is a bail bond?


Bail Bonds are leagal documents drafted between a bail agent who has been licensed by the state and has financial support of an insurance company. This is all done to insure that the defendent appears at all court appointments until the case is resolved.


If the defendent defaults or does not attend all court appointments then the Bail Company becomes responsible for the full Bail amount.


What is the cost of a Bail Bond?


Bail Bonds Companies by California Law may only charge no more or less than 10%There are no other fees or state taxes that the bail companies can charge.


For Example if the bail is 40,000 the the bail premium is 4,000. No other charges will apply!


How is the bail amount set?


Bail amounts are set depending on the crime it self and other circumstances that occurred during the crime. The Safety of the people are taken into consideration when applying the bail amount. For example in a domestic violence arrest the bail is a certain amount, but if there is a physical injury to another person during this crime then the bail amount will be set at a higher amount.


How can you pay for a bail bonds in Pasadena!


Cash and all major credit cards are accepted at our offices. We also have payment options that are available if you qualify. We will do all we can to help our clients. We know its a difficult time.


For more information please contact us @ (626) 921-5571


What is collateral?


Collateral is the use of property or valuables for a guarantee of payment of a loan.


Sometimes Bail Companies require the use of collateral like real estate property or other items to ensure the defendent appears at all court appointments. But in most cases it is not necessary .


Do you offer financing?


Most bail bonds agencies offer Financing. We want the best for our clients so we offer 0% financing, We can also work out a payment plan that works for you. We are also able to use collateral to qualify applicants for bonds Co-signers may also be used to qualify for a bond. The indemnitor must be sure to read all forms of responsibility prior to signing. If you have any question please contact one of our agents at Bail Bonds Pasadena.

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