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 Pasadena Courthouse.

Some specific cities that rely on the Pasadena Courthouse are Pasadena, Arcadia, Glendale Altadena, San Marino, and Temple city. This courthouse serves both misdemeanor and felony court cases for sentencing as well as hearings. Pasadena Courthouse also handles adoption cases and child support services which helps with any legal needs regarding those cases. If you have any issues or cases regarding family, the Pasadena courthouse has a Family Court evaluation office and Family Court services to handle all of your needs. They also offer Family law information or guidance and have experts on family law there in order to help with all of your needs. The Pasadena Courthouse offers a variety of services for any of your legal needs such as small claims and juvenile court. There is also a domestic violence clinic in the courthouse for those sensitive cases regarding domestic violence. It is important to remember that you or your loved will be transferred back to county jail right after the hearing unless you get bailed out. In order for you to post bail at the courthouse, you must do it before 2:30 pm because the courthouse does not accept any bails after that time. Article by Bail Bonds Pasadena.

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